Monday, January 25, 2010

A year later...

I would like to firstly apologize to Sierra for being such a disappointment. It has been over a year since I have updated my blog.... Where should I start?

I am FINALLY finished with High School. I love being all grown up! I graduated June 5th, 2009. Shortly after, Ryan left on his mission to Kingston, Jamaica. At this point in time, I am still "waiting for him" as most of you would call it.
I have been working as a Dental Assistant at Pediatric Dentistry since August, and I absolutely love it. It is so much fun working with children, and it really helps me to work on my patience. :)
I am now in my second semester of college. I've been attending Weber State University and I am working on my pre-reqs for the Dental Hygiene program. Everyone says it is really hard to get into, but I am still willing to try!
At the moment I am working on a speech for my Public Speaking class, so I better get back to that before Mom realizes what I'm doing. :) haha

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Life during the Holidays

My senior year is going great! Second term is almost over... time is flying! I quit my job at Jason's Deli a while back so I have had plenty of freetime lately. Its Christmas Break right now and I am LOVING it!! Drinking hot chocolate and sleeping on the heater... my two favorite things. I love the holidays and spending time with family. This Christmas was the weirdest thing though. Only four kids at home felt so wrong. Really empty. Everyone came over around ten thirty though, so everything was back to normal. Roudy and crowded. Sierra is getting married in about a month, January 29th. So next Christmas is going to be even more quiet. And who knows where Travis will be in a year! Life changes so fast! Its weird that everyone is growing up. For Christmas Mom made a little video for us with pictures from our younger years, it was precious.. Joni cried! So it must have been really good. :) Way to go Mom! I love my family so much, and I am so blessed to be a part of it! I would also like to welcome Mike to the family... he'll be part of it soon enough.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Here is my coral dress. This is the traditional
before-the-dance pose in front of the tree. We took a ton of pictures. Sorry this one is missing Brett, he was behind the camera. It was raining when he picked me up, so I had to run out to the tree and then he was nice enough to give me his jacket to cover my hair so that it wouldn't get ruined. He's quite the gentlement.

Life over the past few weeks...

School is going great. I am doing an internship at a dentists office and I am loving every minute of it. I have only been there for a few weeks, but I feel like I work there. I clean peoples teeth, and I'm pretty good at it too. :) Everyone there is super nice. I love it.
I went to homecoming a few weeks ago with Brett Ornelas. It was so much fun. I wore a "coral" dress. So they called it. It's a mix of orange and pink, I felt so pretty. And Brett didn't look so bad. ha ha I'm just teasin. He looked great. Hopefully I can get around to posting a picture or two. But anyway, the morning of homecoming, Brett picked me up bright and early and we went to Doug and Emmy's for breakfast. He ended up tipping over his chocolate milk and it got all over everyone in the booth across from us. It was hilarious. He felt really bad though, and ended up paying for their meal. What a good guy. For our day date, we went bowling. I need to desperately take some lessons. I lost out of everyone there, with like 67 points or something and Brett won with 109 I believe. For dinner we all went to PF Changs in Salt Lake and we got to drive the pretty blue corvet. Brett made me feel really special. From that, it was on to the dance. We just danced our little hearts out. ha ha. Just kidding. We had a blast though, and everyone looked so good. I have more to say, but Biker and Nuny are visiting from St. George. So exciting! :)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Last Day Of Summer

School starts on Monday, and I'm totally dreading it. This weekend, I've tried to play as much as a can. haha. Yesterday was Jenkins birthday and we went to Ogden, got ice cream, went and watched Sisterhood of the traveling pants 2, and went to this little cafe for dinner. I think it was called Karen's Cafe. I had country fried steak, which was really yummy, with mashed potatos and gravy, of course. She got some kind of shrimp. I'm not a sea food fan, but it smelt really good. :/ Maybe I should give it another shot. Once we were finished with dinner, we had to walk quite a way back to the car. I was so glad we had left before it got dark, that would have been a freaky... jog. haha. But we made it safely, before the sun went all the way down.
This morning I woke up around ten, hurried and got ready, and headed back up to Ogden. Me Rachel, and her niece Alison went to Pineview! All of our lake floaties were in the back of Sierra's car, so we didnt have those to play with, but we had a bucket, some shovels, and we had a blast in the sand. We stayed for a couple hours, and got the perfect amout of sun to look good for the first day of school. Now I'm home and hopefully I can find something to do with the rest of my last day of summer.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Family Camping Trip

This past weekend, the family and I went to Bear Lake. This is probably our first real camping trip as a whole family, we don't camp much. Some don't consider it camping, because we stayed in trailers, but to me, it was definitely camping. Most of us got there just before dinner time Friday night, we had burgers and hot dogs. They were great, thanks to Chief and Gage. And for dessert, we had pudding and dutch oven peach cobbler. Yum. It got pretty chilly about then, so into the trailer we went. Joni taught us a really fun card game, called pounce? I think. I kept calling it the wrong name, so who knows what it really is? We all had fun with that, Me and Kenna don't make a very good team though. Gage was out with Chief cleaning up after us, so I got paired up with her. Everyone scored somewhere in the 60's or better, and we scored 26. Pathetic. After that, Kenna tried to make us play with face cards, but we didn't give into her sinful ways. Ha ha. Just kidding Kenna, I love you. We were all tired from the long drive up there, so we were ready to crash, but we decided to stay up and wait for Lindsay and the gang to get there. The Girls are so dang cute. You could tell that Brin was way excited to be there. That night we all separated into the different trailers for bed, except for Mom, Dad, Cass, Gage, and Mike. They slept in tents. Poor Guys. It was freezing. They survived though, surprisingly. Cass said she was way warm, in her sleeping bag inside another sleeping bag. Nate woke us up at 6:45. What a butt. I could have slept a lot longer. He said he didn't want to waste away his vacation with sleep, so we had to wake up. We had some cold cereal for breakfast, which was bad, cause we were all freezing anyway. But Gage cooked up some hot chocolate for us. After breakfast, I went back in the warm trailer and fell asleep till we were all ready to go down to the lake. I was one of the first ready, even after waking up after everyone else. So Travis, Gage and I lugged the boat down to the lake and got started. We saw some huge, nasty looking fish, which freaked me out. I don't like fish. So I made Trav get in the water first. After he proved his skills on the wake board, it was my turn. I'd never water skied or wake boarded in my life, so I was sure it was going to be tricky. Gage gave me around 30 tries to get up, and I only got up twice. Ha ha. But I did get up! And I'm way excited about that! Now I can say that I've wake boarded, isn't that sweet? Yeah, I know. :) I'm feelin' it now though. I'm really sore. I can hardly grip anything and I can't pick up anything heavy. We had a blast though, and to finish off our trip, we got Raspberry shakes from La Beaus. Tradition! You can't go to Bear Lake without getting one.
Now we're home and getting back into the work week, but we all had a blast! Thank you Crabtree Family!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Tough Times

It has been a pretty rough week so far. On saturday, me and the fam went to Salt Lake for a bridal shower and then to Orem to see some family friends. We couldn't stay long though, I had to be to work by five. We hit traffic a little north of farmington, so I had to talk to my manager and tell him that I was going to be a liiittle bit late. We pulled up to our house just before five and I ran inside to get my stuff for work. About five minutes later, I jumped in my cute little red Ford Ranger and started on my way. It was 5:20 and I was pulling off the freeway and what do you know... Someone decided not to stop at a red light. Whack! They hit me and totaled my truck. Poor thing. Luckily, no one was hurt. Now we've just had to hassle with the insurance companies, I don't even know how many times I've had to give a statement about what happened. So mom has been dealing with all that and I've been looking for a new vehicle. I need something cheap, but not a piece of junk. We'll see how everything works out. I'm just thankful I'm alive. So that's one thing. Another was while I was sitting at home on saturday night, trying to recover, my dear ol' dad told me that I was speaking in sacrament then next day. Oh, Great! :) Thanks for the heads up pops. It went fine though, I just got up and spoke, no material whatsoever, talk about wingin it. But, I'm still happy I'm alive.